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Fond du Lac River (Saskatchewan)
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The Fond du Lac River is one of the upper branches of the Mackenzie River system, draining into the Arctic Ocean, located in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. The river is 277 kilometres (172 mi) long, has a watershed of 66,800 square kilometres (25,792 sq mi), and its mean discharge is 300 cubic metres (392 cu yd) per second. The river begins at an elevation of 395 metres (1,296 ft) at Cunning Bay on Wollaston Lake. It flows north to Hatchet Lake at an elevation of 393 metres (1,289 ft) and continues to Waterfound Bay at an elevation of 376 metres (1,234 ft), where the tributary Waterfound River enters from the left. The river continues north to Kosdaw Lake at an elevation of 364 metres (1,194 ft), over the Redbank Falls to Otter Lake, the Manitou Falls, the Brink Rapids and the Brassy Rapids, before the Hawkrock River enters from the left. It continues over the Hawkrock Rapids and the North Rapids and takes in the Perch River from the right. The Fond du Lac River flows further over the Perch Rapids, takes in the Porcupine River from the right, travels over the Burr Falls, and enters Black Lake at an elevation of 276 metres (906 ft).

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